January 6, 2013

Book Review: Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour

ImageMy best analogy for this book is similar to a train. For me, it was very slow to get gong and gain momentum. Eventually it was chugging along, but it never took off full force where it had my emotions bunched together or me turning pages nonstop. 

Amy & Rogers’s Epic Detour begins with two (basically) strangers embarking on a road trip from California and heading to Connecticut/Pittsburg. Amy is meeting her mother where she bought a new house to start over after Amy’s father’s death a month or so prior. She is extremely depressed and is weary about the road trip. Roger is heading to Pittsburg to stay with his father for the summer while still caught up in an ex-girlfriend. Before departure, Roger suggests they don’t follow the path Amy’s mom laid out, but instead take a true road trip, making stops at various places of their choice along the way. Their journey takes them across America to places that provide closure and healing for each of them.

That’s the synopsis, and it also basically sums up how I feel about this book – unemotional and disconnected. While I didn’t hate this book, I also was not enthralled by it. The first half, I was a little bored, if I’m honest. Sadly, I think the places they stopped for food were the most interesting part of this book. However, once I got about halfway I began to enjoy the book more.

“Saying good-bye is basically an invitation not to see a person again. It’s making it okay for that to be the last conversation you have. So if you don’t say it–if you leave the conversation open–it means you’ll have to see them again.”

Spoiler on ending:
Personally I liked the open-ended ending because I don’t think a HEA ending suits their relationship. Their romance didn’t even begin until the last 25% of the book and even Roger said it was unexpected and made no plans to even see each other immediately. This journey providing healing and closure that both of them needed, and they did so together, but I think the HFN ending best suits their relationship described in this novel. 

Overall, I think this is a solid 3 stars; nothing more, nothing less.


January 6, 2013

Book Review: The Edge Of Never

ImageI am speechless after reading this book. Honestly I have a million feelings about it and things I want to say, but don’t know where to begin. 

The book begins with Camryn who has a million things bringing her down in North Carolina so she decides to take a bus to nowhere. While heading to Idaho, Andrew climbs on the bus heading to Wyoming to see his dad. He sits behind Camryn and they begin to talk during the rest of the bus route. Once the bus stops in Wyoming, they get off to say goodbye. 

I don’t want to say anymore than that but the book is about so so so soo much more. It’s an incredibly heartfelt read. I laughed out loud, I cried, I sighed, I swooned, and I discovered more about life too. Don’t think sbout it, just read it.

4 1/2 stars

September 3, 2011

August Personal Favorites

I know I’m a few days late, but life is so crazy lately.  Whenever I do happen to have the rare moments of a little bit of quiet time, I’m usually hanging with Brian and the dogs.  However, I did have a really great August, minus classes starting again, and I wanted to share some of it!
  • Six Flags

 Brian and I went to Six Flags with my family the other weekend and we had a lot of fun!  We rode a bunch of roller coasters and enjoyed the water park until it started raining.
  • Class schedule
Getting my class schedule figured out was hectic – I was waitlisted, and didn’t into a few classes. I also moved a lot of classes around in my schedule.  However, it is all worth it because I have a GREAT schedule this semester.  Obviously, it’s not smart to say my schedule exactly, but I couldn’t be happier!
  • Atmosphere Concert

With school starting, this concert feels like ages ago, but we were able to see Atmosphere at our favorite venue this month.  It was his tour for his new album, The Family Sign.  Personally, this is my least favorite album of his, it has a very different mood.  However, if you haven’t checked him out, you definitely should.  A few of my favorite songs of his are Little Man, Saves the Day, Sunshine, and almost every other song he’s produced.
  • Horsetooth Reservoir

I made a post about our trip, so I’ll link it here.  It was just your typical day at the lake with tubing, cliff jumping, tanning, swimming, and beautiful scenery as well!
  • Suits

Brian and I have discovered, yet another great show!   It is currently airing it’s first season on USA and it has quickly made it to the top of our favorite shows.  It follows a sucessful law firm, and it sort of like Mad Men in the sense of they’re dealing with different cases each episode but there’s the underlying story following their lives that continues throughout the season.  I don’t want to talk too much about it because a lot goes on in the first episode that gets you set up for the following ones.  Just take my word that this is an awesome show!  I’ve already got my dad watching it ;).
  • Beginning Meal Plans
After talking about it forever,  Brian and I finally started the meal plans.  We have made some delicious meals (vegetarian for me!), but I also need to start dieting during the day time meals if I want to continue eating such deliciousness.  I’ll start posting more meal plans and pics of the food in the upcoming weeks!
August 27, 2011

Dog Attack

I had one of the scariest experiences of my life yesterday, one that made me just breakdown and cry because it  was such a shock.

I went to let the boys out before work yesterday.  As we were walking down the stairs, another guy was entering into his apartment.  When he opened the door, his dog escaped and came running towards Boo, Kicks, and I.  I figured the dog would be friendly so I didn’t move or pick Kicks up.  Instead, this dog was not friendly.  It didn’t even bother to smell Kicks, but instead just starting violently attacking him and biting him.  Boo was trying to protect Kicks, but he couldn’t really do much.  The other owner was trying to break it up as well and in the process, he picked Kicks up by his leash so Kicks was basically dangling in the air by the leash on his collar.  That is probably what made me the most angry.  There’s other ways to pick up my dog, he’s not going to bite you like your crazy dog is attacking mine.  Another dog from their apartment started running down the walkway and almost joined in.  By then Kicks was in my hands and I had Boo in control, but he was never out of control to begin with.  The other owner picked up both of their dogs.  They apologized and walked off.  When we finally got downstairs and onto the grass, the first thing Boo did was come up to Kicks and make sure he was okay.

Kicks was barking and whimpering and the other dog was growling and also barking so there was a lot of commotion and it was really loud.  A few neighbors poked their heads out for a second, but then quickly shut the door.  I was in such a shock of what happened, Kicks wouldn’t even go to the bathroom or leave my  arms.  Even 30 minutes after this happened, I had to go to work but Kicks was still barking and shaking.  I have never seen Kicks this scared in his life.   We’ve taken him to the dog park and have had some dogs chasing him, but then turn aggressive and try biting him, but we’ve never had anything this serious to deal with.  When I walked in the door I was so heartbroken, and scared, and shocked, and worried, and probably every other emotion in the book that I just broke down and started balling.  That  was my baby being viciously attacked and it came out of no where, I wasn’t prepared for that. Luckily, I didn’t find any blood.

On my way to work I stopped by my leasing office because Kicks was barking, and I thought he would for a while so I simply wanted to let them know that he was shaken up and might be barking for a while.  I ended up in tears again and they basically strongly suggested I tell them who it was because this has happened before with another dog getting out.  I ended up telling them, but said a few times that it was not why I was there and am not upset, I understand accidents happen.  I simply wanted to tell them  that Kicks is scared and might be barking more than usual that day, in case one of the neighbors complained.  The office said they would talk to the people and I then felt very bad about going to the office in the first place.


When I got home from work, Kicks seemed to be much better and had calmed down a lot.

August 26, 2011

Stamping Lego Craft




I found old pictures of a Lego stamping craft I did over summer.  I got this idea from another blog, who did lego with paints.  However, since I was nannying a very messy 2 year old boy, I thought I’d save myself the headache and work with stamps instead.   This was a great activity for the little ones!  You can stamp them on the side, from the top, from the bottom, in multiple colors or whatever else you can come up with!  The ink also washes off very quickly and easily with simply water!




We then decided to switch it up and put the long lego’s in multiple colors, so it had a really cool effect on the paper.  We also turned it sideways (to where there weren’t any designs)  so it was a simple block of color.

Have fun!




August 25, 2011

Horsetooth Reservoir

Last week, as a last summer hoo-rah Brian and I went to the lake with part of my family.  The day started off rough, with Brian hitting something and it puncturing his tire (thankgoodness for AAA!).  However, afterwards it was a fun day of tubing, tanning, and hanging out.  The scenery is beautiful as the lake is surrounded by mountains.  I have some great pics of the scenery and Brian and I that I wanted to share!




















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August 24, 2011

Nail Polish Haul

Last week Revlon was having a great deal on Revlon and Sinful Colors nail polishes!  I believe Revlon polishes were $3.99 and then you got $3 back in Register Rewards, making it like you only pay $.99.  On top of that I also had a $1 off Revlon polish so I basically got it for free! With my register Rewards I got 3 Sinful Colors polishes and a Essie polish from their new collection – not sure of the name off the top of my head, I think it’s the Carry On collection? Anyway, in total I paid $10 for 4 polishes, including Essie.  Not bad in my opinion!


All in natural lighting, no flash.

 I tried to pick more fall-toned colors since it’s quickly approaching!

Sinful Colors L to R (same order as above):  Dancing Nails, Soul Mate, Vacation Time

L to R:  Essie Power Clutch, Revlon Gold Coin

August 23, 2011














August 22, 2011

Summer Vacation Is Over

Yes, sadly the first day of classes are today and my official “summer”  has come to an end.  I have never been so sad, and feeling not ready at all for classes to start.  I think it is because we did so many great things this summer that I am not ready for it to be over.   I’m going to list my favorite things we did this summer, so it’ll be a great way to remember the fun!

  • Dog Parks
  • Outdoor movie of “Friday the 13th”
  • Water World
  • Atmosphere Concert
  • Lake Havasu
  • Fourth of July

  • Horsetooth Resevoir
  • And we’re hopefully going to Elitch Gardens amusement park next week  if Brian has the day off!
We also did a bunch of other fun little things and day trips.  For the most part I did almost everything I wanted to.  Next summer we’re planning another vacation, not sure where yet.   I also want to go camping and do more hiking as well!
August 21, 2011

Menu Plan: Week of 8/22

Brian and I are finally starting to do our weekly meal plans.  Here is what we’re eating this week:
  • Monday: Grilling hot dogs, baked beans, and corn
  • Tuesday: Pinto Bean burritos  (with Chicken for Brian)
  • Wednesday: Cajun Chicken Pasta
  • Thursday: Left overs for Brian, I won’t be home for dinner
  • Friday: Salad, Brian won’t be home for dinner
  • Saturday: Whatever we can find around the house as Saturdays we usually just go with the flow
  • Sunday: Fajitas 
It’s all super simple, and hopefully, super yummy 🙂
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