Hi, I’m Bre, and I’m a Beauty Junkie.  I love all categories of beauty equally – including cosmetics, hair, skincare, nail polish, and body care.  I also am a College student so I’m always looking for great deals on beauty, but still perform as well as high end products.  However, some items are still worth the splurge.  I have a very busy schedule so I need products that are quick, easy, but still make me look my best and last all day!  I have learned a lot of tips and tricks, and want to share them with you! I am not an expert,  nor do I claim to be, I am constantly learning and changing up how I apply makeup, or do my hair, as I learn more.  I am always trying to learn new things and accept constructive criticism!

For a more detailed  bio about myself I am a NC 15/20 in the winter but tan all the way to NC 35/40 in the summer (I know, it’s crazy).  I have extremely oily skin that is also acne prone, usually around my jawline.  I have brown eyes and freckles in the summer.  As far as my hair, I have medium-length brown hair that is not color treated and naturally wavy.


Monthly Favorites:

Nail Of  The Day (NOTD):



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