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August 27, 2011

Dog Attack

I had one of the scariest experiences of my life yesterday, one that made me just breakdown and cry because it  was such a shock.

I went to let the boys out before work yesterday.  As we were walking down the stairs, another guy was entering into his apartment.  When he opened the door, his dog escaped and came running towards Boo, Kicks, and I.  I figured the dog would be friendly so I didn’t move or pick Kicks up.  Instead, this dog was not friendly.  It didn’t even bother to smell Kicks, but instead just starting violently attacking him and biting him.  Boo was trying to protect Kicks, but he couldn’t really do much.  The other owner was trying to break it up as well and in the process, he picked Kicks up by his leash so Kicks was basically dangling in the air by the leash on his collar.  That is probably what made me the most angry.  There’s other ways to pick up my dog, he’s not going to bite you like your crazy dog is attacking mine.  Another dog from their apartment started running down the walkway and almost joined in.  By then Kicks was in my hands and I had Boo in control, but he was never out of control to begin with.  The other owner picked up both of their dogs.  They apologized and walked off.  When we finally got downstairs and onto the grass, the first thing Boo did was come up to Kicks and make sure he was okay.

Kicks was barking and whimpering and the other dog was growling and also barking so there was a lot of commotion and it was really loud.  A few neighbors poked their heads out for a second, but then quickly shut the door.  I was in such a shock of what happened, Kicks wouldn’t even go to the bathroom or leave my  arms.  Even 30 minutes after this happened, I had to go to work but Kicks was still barking and shaking.  I have never seen Kicks this scared in his life.   We’ve taken him to the dog park and have had some dogs chasing him, but then turn aggressive and try biting him, but we’ve never had anything this serious to deal with.  When I walked in the door I was so heartbroken, and scared, and shocked, and worried, and probably every other emotion in the book that I just broke down and started balling.  That  was my baby being viciously attacked and it came out of no where, I wasn’t prepared for that. Luckily, I didn’t find any blood.

On my way to work I stopped by my leasing office because Kicks was barking, and I thought he would for a while so I simply wanted to let them know that he was shaken up and might be barking for a while.  I ended up in tears again and they basically strongly suggested I tell them who it was because this has happened before with another dog getting out.  I ended up telling them, but said a few times that it was not why I was there and am not upset, I understand accidents happen.  I simply wanted to tell them  that Kicks is scared and might be barking more than usual that day, in case one of the neighbors complained.  The office said they would talk to the people and I then felt very bad about going to the office in the first place.


When I got home from work, Kicks seemed to be much better and had calmed down a lot.