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August 26, 2011

Stamping Lego Craft




I found old pictures of a Lego stamping craft I did over summer.  I got this idea from another blog, who did lego with paints.  However, since I was nannying a very messy 2 year old boy, I thought I’d save myself the headache and work with stamps instead.   This was a great activity for the little ones!  You can stamp them on the side, from the top, from the bottom, in multiple colors or whatever else you can come up with!  The ink also washes off very quickly and easily with simply water!




We then decided to switch it up and put the long lego’s in multiple colors, so it had a really cool effect on the paper.  We also turned it sideways (to where there weren’t any designs)  so it was a simple block of color.

Have fun!




August 4, 2011

Frisbee Craft
















I love paper plate crafts because you can do so many things with them, and they are so inexpensive because I always have paper plates on hand!  These paper plate frisbees serve as a quick and easy, last minute craft if you’re looking for something to do or something to take up some time without creating a huge mess!



I took two paper plates and cut out the middle of them, or just begin the cutting, depending on the child’s age.  Once the middle is cut out I placed the outer ring of the plates together, facing opposite of each other so it “poofs” out.  For time, we stapled the plates together, but you could also glue.  Then have the kids decorate it as they wish and have fun with your new frisbee!

Because these are only paper, they do not go as far as your typical frisbee.  Older kids, might get bored, but you can use these for other activities as well!  You can use it as a type of ring toss, hang it on a door handle, or have your kiddo use their imagination to see what they come up with!



August 3, 2011

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Lately, I’ve been hoarding toilet paper rolls.  They’re great to re-use for cheap and easy crafts!  I’ve picked out a few of my favorite and linked them below to share with you all!
I found some great seasonal toilet paper crafts such as a turkey, snowflake, a May Day craft, and more but I wanted to keep it as a year-round craft for now.  I also tried to choose relatively simple crafts, since I work with kids at a young age currently (2, 4 and 6) and wanted it to be something they all could do without it being too difficult.  They also loose attention so quickly, so it needs to be a fast activity!  However, there are more complex crafts all around the internet that I found using toilet paper rolls and they don’t need a whole load of materials, either!
Hope you enjoy, if you know of any other great and creative crafts using toilet paper, then please share them in the comments below!