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September 3, 2011

August Personal Favorites

I know I’m a few days late, but life is so crazy lately.  Whenever I do happen to have the rare moments of a little bit of quiet time, I’m usually hanging with Brian and the dogs.  However, I did have a really great August, minus classes starting again, and I wanted to share some of it!
  • Six Flags

 Brian and I went to Six Flags with my family the other weekend and we had a lot of fun!  We rode a bunch of roller coasters and enjoyed the water park until it started raining.
  • Class schedule
Getting my class schedule figured out was hectic – I was waitlisted, and didn’t into a few classes. I also moved a lot of classes around in my schedule.  However, it is all worth it because I have a GREAT schedule this semester.  Obviously, it’s not smart to say my schedule exactly, but I couldn’t be happier!
  • Atmosphere Concert

With school starting, this concert feels like ages ago, but we were able to see Atmosphere at our favorite venue this month.  It was his tour for his new album, The Family Sign.  Personally, this is my least favorite album of his, it has a very different mood.  However, if you haven’t checked him out, you definitely should.  A few of my favorite songs of his are Little Man, Saves the Day, Sunshine, and almost every other song he’s produced.
  • Horsetooth Reservoir

I made a post about our trip, so I’ll link it here.  It was just your typical day at the lake with tubing, cliff jumping, tanning, swimming, and beautiful scenery as well!
  • Suits

Brian and I have discovered, yet another great show!   It is currently airing it’s first season on USA and it has quickly made it to the top of our favorite shows.  It follows a sucessful law firm, and it sort of like Mad Men in the sense of they’re dealing with different cases each episode but there’s the underlying story following their lives that continues throughout the season.  I don’t want to talk too much about it because a lot goes on in the first episode that gets you set up for the following ones.  Just take my word that this is an awesome show!  I’ve already got my dad watching it ;).
  • Beginning Meal Plans
After talking about it forever,  Brian and I finally started the meal plans.  We have made some delicious meals (vegetarian for me!), but I also need to start dieting during the day time meals if I want to continue eating such deliciousness.  I’ll start posting more meal plans and pics of the food in the upcoming weeks!
August 25, 2011

Horsetooth Reservoir

Last week, as a last summer hoo-rah Brian and I went to the lake with part of my family.  The day started off rough, with Brian hitting something and it puncturing his tire (thankgoodness for AAA!).  However, afterwards it was a fun day of tubing, tanning, and hanging out.  The scenery is beautiful as the lake is surrounded by mountains.  I have some great pics of the scenery and Brian and I that I wanted to share!




















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August 22, 2011

Summer Vacation Is Over

Yes, sadly the first day of classes are today and my official “summer”  has come to an end.  I have never been so sad, and feeling not ready at all for classes to start.  I think it is because we did so many great things this summer that I am not ready for it to be over.   I’m going to list my favorite things we did this summer, so it’ll be a great way to remember the fun!

  • Dog Parks
  • Outdoor movie of “Friday the 13th”
  • Water World
  • Atmosphere Concert
  • Lake Havasu
  • Fourth of July

  • Horsetooth Resevoir
  • And we’re hopefully going to Elitch Gardens amusement park next week  if Brian has the day off!
We also did a bunch of other fun little things and day trips.  For the most part I did almost everything I wanted to.  Next summer we’re planning another vacation, not sure where yet.   I also want to go camping and do more hiking as well!
July 31, 2011

July Beauty Favorites

Summer is when it’s a big deal if I wear makeup 4 times in a month.  It’s always hard to find favorites for the summer months because I’m all about minimalism and products that work great for on-the-go.  However, I have been able to compile a group of products that I could not live without or have been using consistently all month long!

left to right:

  • Maui Islands Secret Browning Formula –  I  bought this in California a while ago and it is my favorite tanning oil/lotion.  It will make me beyond bronze in only an hour.  I think they put some kind of magic in it because it does amazing things.  I only have a bit left, but I will so be buying some the minute that I run out!
  • Pink Nail Polish  –  I haven’t wanted any color besides pink on my nails, toes or fingers, all month long.   Also the brighter, more vibrant, the better!
  • Deep Conditioner – Because I’m in the pool so much I’ve been using a deep conditioner constantly to replenish the moisture in my hair so it doesn’t get too try from chlorine and the sun.  However, to take it one step further I mix all my deep conditioners together and I’m pretty sure the effects are a lot better than if you did it alone.  Of course, that could be imagined because it’s what I want to believe..
  • Biore UV Perfect Milk SPF50+ PA+++ (not pictured) – I bought this specifically for our Havasu trip. To be honest I absolutely hate putting sunscreen on my face because it always feels too thick, oily, and as if it’s clogging my pores.  Having extremely oily skin to begin with I hate putting sunscreen on and almost never put it on.  However, I knew that would not be smart being on a boat for about 7 hours in direct sun.  The consistency is extremely liquidy and white, almost like non-fat milk.  However, it dreis almost instantly and in a matte finish.  Your skin is left with protection from the sun, a fairly matte finish, and a feel as if nothing is on your skin to begin with.  The only place I know to order it is Amazon, which is linked above, because it is only sold in Asia.  Due to this, all the writing is in Chinese so I am not sure if it is water-resistant or not.
What have you been loving this month? Anything I should check out? Let me know!